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B-Synergy delivers products and services to customer all around the globe. Our Products are running in Germany, United States. Belgium and many more. To accommodate international guests we offer information about our products and services in English and German where we can. We have created a summary of our products and services including links to localized websites.

International Website

Low Code Deutschland

Mobile Instandhaltung software für SAP

Mit der B-Synergy Mobile Instandhaltung software für SAP MRO sind alle Ihre bekannten SAP PM Funktionen schnell und sicher verfügbar. Sowohl online als auch offline über Smartphone, Tablet und Web.
B-Synergy Plant maintenance platform | english

Mobile  SAP Plant Maintenance

The Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform for SAP MRO gives you all your familiar SAP PM  functionalities safely and quickly accessible. Both online and offline, through smartphone, tablet and web in a user friendly manner.

SAP Procure to Pay

Buying Portal for SAP

Procure to Pay. Accelerate your search for qualified vendors, request pricing quotes, source services or materials, and create best-value agreements

for sustainable savings with all your sourcing needs.

SAP OutSystems!

SAP integrated with OutSystems complements SAP with the functionality needed. At development time, the OutSystems visual editor helps developers find SAP BAPIs.
OutSystems | WaveMaker | SAP Partner B-Synergy

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Innovation is at the core of B-Synergy. When digital transformation starts to enter your business, the ultimate goal is to turn IT into a profit center, rather then to see it as a cost center. Visit us for LowCode technology WaveMaker, OutSystems or Rapid Application Development Flutter

WaveMaker LowCode

WaveMaker LowCode Germany

WaveMaker LowCode Netherlands

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The LowCode  Experts

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LowCode Experts

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OutSystems Partner B-Synergy
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